Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, BCDR Solutions is a leading provider of Communications Technology Services to the Private, Commercial, and Corporate sector.

BCDR Solutions has a core of highly talented staff with skills and expertise covering Telecommunications, PBX IP PBX systems, Wireless Data, Storage Services, Network Services, Cabling Services, and converging technologies. We are led by a strong and dedicated management team that is committed to providing specialist knowledge in marketing, design, engineering, and implementation.

Local, national and international clients benefit from our expertise in developing and implementing.....

Communications Cabling
BCDR Solutions is experienced in designing and installing Structured Communications Cabling, including:
Customer Service
Our Customer Service Department provides all levels of technical and maintenance support including installation staff, field service staff, and trained technicians that have a wide-range knowledge of the company equipment portfolio and technical product specialists.


BCDR Solutions is a service-oriented company.We offer a full range of maintenance options designed to let you choose what best suits the needs of your business. Our maintenance options include 24 hour / 365 day coverage. Furthermore, if you require a more tailored maintenance contract rather than the standard packages offered, we will work with you to meet your individual business requirements.
AOTMP Certification